Sunday, December 2, 2012

I’m in the midst of my first cold of the season…and let me tell you, I am NOT happy.

I am SUCH a baby when I have a cold.  I know that some people are like, “it’s just a cold, it’ll pass,” but I feel like, “ohmygodwhenwillthisconjestionandgeneralawfulfeelinggoaway???!!!”

I actually started feeling sick back last Thursday when I was working, and it really hit hard during that night.  Unfortunately that was the night that I stayed an extra two hours working for someone who was having a personal issue.  I was glad to do the favor and get paid nicely, but I sure felt miserable by the time I left at 9 am.

I guess I should have expected this.  I’ve been pushing myself like crazy all during November and it just all caught up with me.

I decided to call out from work today to really try and beat this.  Every day I think I’m getting better, and then nighttime comes and I’m sniffling and stuffed up and generally miserable all over again.

I’m still scheduled to work tomorrow night so we’ll see what happens.  At least it would only be one day and then three off again.

In other news, our gutters got finished today!  $125 well spent I think.

The only upside of staying home tonight is getting to enjoy the tree for another night…I LOVE it…so peaceful 🙂


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