Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


We have another beautiful tree this  year 🙂

Kimm and I spent the afternoon decorating our tree and our house for Christmas!!  It only took us three hours total…listening to holiday music and having a drink helped a lot!

This morning I had a VERY pleasant surprise when I stepped on the scale…I lost 6.4 pounds since I last weighed in which was the day after Thanksgiving.  Since then I’ve been trying to do as many healthy things per day as I can…drinking lots of water, eating fruits and veggies, walking Izzy.  I think it’s also really helped to cut out the big desserts after our evening meal (now I just have an Andes mint candy…only 25 calories and very palate cleansing!) and by having a much reduced evening snack (usually just some peanuts and either some hot apple cider or hot chai tea).  My body is getting used to eating less again…but I’m so happy with the initial results.

This time around I’m not restricting anything…I’m just being more conscious about it all…EVERYTHING in moderation.   I will enjoy all of the sweets that come around this time of year, but not in excess, thinking, “oh, I’ll take off any extra weight starting January 1st.”  Nope, this time I’m taking complete responsibility for everything that goes into my mouth!!

This morning we also had someone come and clean out gutters…or at least he attempted to get them all done.  Turns out that since it was so cold, part of the leaves  had frozen in the gutter and he could not get them out…so he’s coming back tomorrow to finish it since it’s supposed to be in the 50s.  Really nice guy, about our age, runs a family business and genuinely seemed like he cared about the work he does…rare to see these days.

After a VERY brisk walk with Izzy (my legs were COLD when I was done!), then we had lunch…I enjoyed my new favorite salad…spinach, red leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce for the greens, topped with celery, green pepper, mushrooms, and broccoli…cheese croutons and ranch dressing.  SO GOOD!

After decorating the tree and house we treated ourselves to pizza/fries out…half cheese, half veggie…SO GOOD.

Now I’m fresh and clean after a long, hot shower and enjoying the beautiful tree…we’re going to watch Elf tonight!

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