40 Day Number Challenge Results…and my thoughts…

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I’ll tell you right off the bat…I DID NOT complete every item on the numbers challenge.

BUT…I still thought it was an excellent experience.

First the results:

200 cups of water (5/day)–MET 🙂

File 300 minutes (15 mins/day)–NOT MET–did not do ANY minutes 😦

Walk Izzy 20 times–NOT MET (did walk her 19 times!!!)

40 Med Cards–NOT MET (34 done)

4 Date Nights–MET 🙂 (and they were all fun!!)

10 Days of No Added Sugar–MET (super surprised on that…SUPER HARD for me) 🙂

200 Fruits and Veggies (5/day)–NOT MET (180 ate!!!  NOT TOO BAD!)

4 Projects Done (1–return stuff to Savers/return all cans–MET!, 2–buy/decorate with fall decorations–MET, 3–organize garage so that car will fit in to park during winter–MET, 4–hang towel rack–NOT MET)



*I really WORKED this challenge…I had my little checklist with me every day and checking off the boxes was very tangible for me and made me feel so proud

*drinking even 5 cups/water/day is HARD–I don’t think I would have made it if I didn’t drink anywhere from 6-12 cups of water each night on nights I worked…I just don’t drink a lot of water during the day

*eating enough fruits and veggies is WICKED HARD for me!  I never have anything for breakfast (just coffee and English muffin), rarely for lunch, and maybe one for dinner…certainly not great….this challenge really forced me to try to find ways to cram more fruits and veggies in (salads for lunch, a glass of apple or orange juice for a snack, more veggies instead of carbs at dinner)

*I guess I don’t like to file.  I like the IDEA of filing, of staying organized, but I did not file ONE MINUTE in forty days.  Yikes.  And I have two boxes of stuff to file.  But then I think, do I really NEED all this stuff…I NEVER look at the stuff in my file cabinet??  I must determine a better way of keeping the information I really do need

*Even though I did 34 med cards, I never really had time to review them so I’m not sure if the time I spent on them was worth it.

*I LOVE date nights…I love that I was able to fit in time for me and Kimm to have fun together

*I found that I really need to force myself to go on a walk with Izzy…once I’m out there doing it, I’m fine.  It’s the getting ready part that’s tough.  I actually did most of the 19 walks in the second part of the challenge because I kept procrastinating!

*Having NO ADDED SUGAR sucks!!  I really like my flavored creamer in my coffee and found that was the one thing I missed the most on NO SUGAR ADDED days.  When I was younger I found that I could do ANY crazy type of diet…eat only this, not that, etc.  Now I pretty much know that I don’t want to deny myself small pleasures in life so if I want to lose weight I’ll have to do it by eating in moderation and exercising more

*I’m so glad I included some projects to get done because without this challenge I’m sure they still would have needed to get done

*Even though I did not finish every one of my goals, I’m so proud of myself for keeping on all the way to the end, even when I KNEW I would not meet my goals.  At that point it wasn’t even about treating myself, it was more about continuing with good habits.

*I know now that I’m very visual and need to see my goals…and I love to check things off…so I’m going to continue to challenge myself with my OWN goals through the month of December to make it my best month yet…I’m going out of 2012 and into 2013 with a bang!!!!


About to watch one of my most favorite Christmas movies…Little Women!  The story line, actors and cinematography are excellent!!


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  1. Great recap Kaye. I am inspired by your no added sugar days. I have got to kick the habit. It scares me how addicting sugar is. I have greatly reduced how much I eat daily, but once I eat something with sugar it’s like I can’t get enough. I do like those flavored creamers! Since I really only have coffee at work it’s one of the few treats I let myself enjoy regularly.

    Good for you for meeting the 4 date nights goal. That is so important. It seems every time we want to go out I either cannot find a babysitter or if I do find one they cancel. It’s been ages since my husband and I went out just the two of us.

    I think a job well done last month. Good luck with your December goals.

    • Thanks Aimee! It was definitely a challenge, but one I enjoyed. I completely agree with you how addicting sugar is. When you don’t have it, it’s not so bad, but when you have some, well then watch out! I’m getting a little worried about the holiday treats but so far so good….no real temptations. I’m just going to focus on one day at a time and as I said, enjoy things in moderation. That’s too bad about not being able to go out on date nights…you know if you and your husband ever want to go out and need someone to watch Carlos I would totally not mind. Just let me know! You definitely need time to yourselves to recharge 🙂

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