Lucky #124

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today I had jury duty.

I had to get up VERY early (6:30) so I could have coffee and breakfast before having to get there by 8 am.  Have I mentioned how much I DISLIKE getting up early??

After getting to the court, there was LOTS of waiting.  And reading.  And list-making.  And more waiting.  And people watching.  And TV watching.  And more reading.  And dozing I believe.  And more waiting.   The time went by SO SLOW!

They did call jurors #1-#36 at around 11:30 am.  We broke for lunch at 12:30 pm and had to be back by 2 pm because they were going to be using more jurors in the afternoon.  At 2:30 pm they called jurors #37-#119.

Wow…that’s a lot of jurors!

But guess what number I was?? #124.  They sent the rest of us (about 15 people) home!!  I guess I was lucky after all.

I’m glad I wasn’t chosen just because I was tired, but SO WISHED that I could have left before lunch.   I had a pathetic veggie sub from Subway and WAY overpaid…seriously when did Subway get so awful…almost $6 for a veggie sub that they are SO stingy with the vegetables and a bag of chips!!

Thankfully I was home by 3:30.

Now I just need to stay awake for my night shift tonight…I have a feeling I’m going to need a couple No-Doze 🙂

(edited after work–so I found out at work that I could have told them I had jury duty and not have gone in…I thought since I worked 3rd shift it wouldn’t get covered…I’ll have to remember this for 3 years from now when I get called for jury duty again!  IT WAS SUCH A LONG NIGHT because I was so tired…I was in a major fog…)

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  1. Well that’s a good thing to know. Thanks for mentioning it Kaye. I was called for jury duty twice when I lived abroad. I got called for it again while in nursing school. I immediately got selected for a jury panel and the trial started about 20 minutes later. I was pissed! I was school and working two jobs. I know it’s my civic duty but it was a really horrible time. Fortunately at some point during the first hour of the trial it hit me that the defense lawyer was my mother’s lawyer for a car accident she had been involved in. I called my mother during the lunch break to make sure it was the right person. It was. I approached the security officer after the lunch break and within minutes I was dismissed!

    And yes Subway is ridiculous!

    • I’ve never been picked for a jury. I think maybe if I was I wouldn’t think it is such a waste of time! That’s crazy that you recognized the lawyer! Off to try to find a fake tree for our front porch…wish us luck…I really want it to be an in and out kind of thing as I am VERY busy…I thought I was feeling pretty okay, but this morning I woke up early thinking…”I’m running out of time!!!” Deep breath Kaye! Have a great day Aimee.

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