We are thankful for…

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Every year, Kimm and I use the days leading up to Thanksgiving to focus on what we are truly thankful for in our lives…

We wrote on cut-out leaves this year and shared with each other on Thanksgiving Day before going over to her parents.

Here’s what we got…



1 — Good friends

2 — Couch time with Kaye and Izzy

3 — An extra hour of sleep

4 –Being able to do at least a little bit of yard work

5 — The Brian Buffini class — it’s helping me get organized, get motivated, and getting things done — it’s showing me what it takes to be a successful agent

6 — Bryan McPherson

7 — I’m very thankful that the herniated disc in my neck was found, and the surgery was performed so quickly — it saved me from becoming paralyzed

8 — Good friends

9 — Music

10 — Sleeping in

11 — Good books

12 — Our beautiful house

13 — Date nights

14 — Kaye’s hugs

15 — Sunny days

16 — Long, hot showers

17 — Beautiful fall days

18 — A super comfy bed

19 — My wonderful family — Kaye, Izzy, Charlie and Madeline — I love you all so much!!

20 — My parents and Little Bro

21 — Walks with Izzy

22 — Spending Thanksgiving with family



1 — The look of pure joy on Izzy’s face when I say, “Do you want to go on a walk?”

2 — Dessert!

3 –Good food (and plenty of food) every single day

4 — Snuggling on the couch between my two favorite girls 🙂

5 — A home that I love

6 — The opportunity to listen to fantastic LIVE music by an artist who performs with conviction and passion — Bryan McPherson, 11/6/12

7 — A very comfy bed!

8 — Coffee (and a Keruig to make it!)

9 — The world of blogging — not only am I able to document my life — but I am continuously inspired by the blogs I read!

10 — Good books!

11 — Always enough money to pay the bills — AND have extra for special treats (ex: ice cream!)

12 — A strong, healthy body that allows me to do whatever I want

13 — Changing seasons

14 — All my fur babies — I love Izzy, Madeline and Charlie so much!

15 — Days off!!!

16 — A family that loves me very much

17 — Natural beauty

18 — Someone to share my life with that I love dearly

19 — Good friends!

20 — All of my senses — eyes to see beauty, ears to listen to music and the ones I love say “I love you, ” smell for every wonderful scent, taste for good food, touch to feel a good hug!

21 — Holidays!

22 — The Christmas season — the tree, the food, the Christmas movies, eggnog, Christmas candy, gifts!!!!

I’d say we’re both VERY lucky!!!!

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