More leaves…

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This month is just going by so fast…slow down please!

I can’t believe that this is my last full day off of my three days off (I KNOW I always say this, but they just go by SO FAST!)

It took a little mental “pushing myself out the door” but I finally got out and raked/bagged some more leaves today.  10 bags worth to be exact 🙂

It’s always the worst just to get started.  I feel that way about many things, unfortunately!  But once I was out there it wasn’t too bad.  I worked for two hours straight, from 1:45 to 3:45.  Having the music playing on my iPhone made a HUGE difference.  I wasn’t just thinking things in my mind, I was enjoying some GOOD music…plus having it on shuffle made me NEVER know what to expect for the next song…since I was playing a playlist of all my favorites I never had to worry about not liking a song 🙂

I managed to get the entire area by the garage, outside the fence done, on both sides of the driveway, and some progress on the leaves inside the fence.  Believe me there will have to be at least two more times of 2 hr raking/bagging before it’s all done…AT LEAST.  I’m really hoping to have it done in two days, but know it might take three.  My current plan is to do two hours tomorrow, two hours on Sunday, and if needed, two hours next Tuesday.  And then hopefully I’ll be able to mow next Wednesday and be done with the whole shebang!!

After raking the leaves Izzy got a walk.  She was so happy.  I was just plain cold…by 4 pm the temps had dropped and I was still all sweaty from doing the leaves…felt SO good to get home, get in a warm house and take a hot shower.  Thankfully tonight was leftover Lasagna pasta…all we had to do was heat and serve 🙂

Now I’m sitting under my blanket, catching up on reading and writing blogs…Grey’s Anatomy with poppycorn tonight!!!!

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