Dud Date Night

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Had a VERY relaxing morning 🙂  Kimm was at her class and so I decided to watch Dancing with the Stars…oh, it’s getting so good!  I don’t want to see anyone leave!

The afternoon was spent meal planning and grocery shopping.

Lasagna pasta for dinner!

And then it was our much looked forward to date night!

We had wanted to see  Trouble with the Curve as it was supposed to be playing at the Agawam Family Theatre.  But we also said we wouldn’t mind seeing the other movie playing which was Arbitrage if there were not enough people to see the other movie (four people have to be seeing the movie for the movie to play).  Well, when we got there, the theater was packed (for them!)  There must have been at least 20 people waiting.  Turns out that Trouble with the Curve was not playing…instead Arbitrage and some other Indian movie was playing (that now makes sense as most of the people waiting in the theater were Indian!)

So we decided to see Arbitrage.  There were about 20 or so people seeing that movie as well, which really surprised me.  Usually there are hardly any people at the theater!

So what made this date night a dud?

Three things:

1–being cold–the guy who runs this theater we have heard has a habit of being very stingy (we heard this from a person who used to work at the theater) and does NOT turn the heat on…we were both wearing sweaters and puffy vests and we were FREEZING…I was wearing mittens too…Kimm’s nose was frozen!

2–bad popcorn–this makes me very sad 😦  We’ve never really had a bad experience with popcorn at this theater before but I think the guy who made it put on too much butter, which then got really weird tasting because it was so cold??  All I know is that I didn’t salt it AT ALL..which is VERY strange for me…I love salt on my popcorn, but this just was so greasy and salty, we couldn’t eat it.

3–a so-so movie–while the movie looked exciting on the trailer, it was actually slow-moving and just not as good as we thought it was going to be.

Oh well, you can’t win them all!  We were still out together, and that’s what matters.


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