I didn’t have to cook!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It was crazy busy at the end of last night’s shift!  I was so glad to leave.

Home for sleep and then up for a quick walk with Izzy because we were going out.

Kimm had made  a dinner date with us to see a few old friends that we haven’t seen in a while…they used to live very close to us in Holyoke.  Turns out a friend of theirs is interested in real estate and they wanted to know if Kimm had a little bit of time to talk to him.  She did, and so we were invited for dinner.

As much as I really enjoy cooking dinner every night, it was REALLY NICE to have someone else make the meal 🙂

It was good too…cannelloni beans cooked in a tomato sauce with garlic and spinach, over a bed of quinoa.  Garlic bread on the side.  Orange vodka and Sprite to drink 🙂

We ate, we chatted and caught up, we got to see a few of their Christmas trees that have been decorated (they have a huge Christmas party every year with around 7 decorated trees…usually I’m always working but this year I can go!).

It was a very nice night…I even listened to Christmas music early…they had it on speaker…but I can’t say I minded!  I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!!

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