Laughter IS the best medicine

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not much going on today…just the usual of trying to catch up on stuff.

Did balance the checkbook and pay bills…can anyone tell me why this takes so much time???  I LOVE the feeling I have when I’m all done and know exactly where the money is going, but it always feels like it takes SO MUCH TIME!  It probably didn’t help that I was trying to get more organized in regards to our financial system…meaning, cleaning out the box of bills that need to be filed and trying to get them in order.  Of course they still need to be filed (you know me and filing!) but at least they are a little bit more organized!

I also cut my hair.  This was QUITE the task as I haven’t done it in a few months.  I was COVERED in hair which is never fun.

The nicest part of the day…getting together with a friend of ours and drinking, snacking and laughing.  I swear…there is something SO healing about laughing out loud!

I seriously can’t believe that my three days off are almost gone…I’m on for three days this weekend so I’m hoping it goes well.  After this weekend, my schedule looks to be pretty decent.



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  1. Kaye, my son used to groan every Thursday before he started school full day because I spent the morning paying bills. Even though most of my bills are auto debited I still find myself dedicating at least an hour to finances each week. I like to stay on top of balances and we are always trying to find ways to pay things down or simply make our money work better for us. I’m also a filer! I have a sturdy metal filing cabinet in our office. I save receipts, check stubs, invoices, etc. Each year everything gets thrown into a plastic bin. I’m seriously considering scanning all of my receipts in 2013 to cut down on the filing and paper waste. We’ll see!

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