Bryan McPherson LIVE Recording in Boston (and voting!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (written Wednesday, November 7, 2012)

We finally had another date night!

It was a busy day…I got home from work and went right to bed…I was up by 2:45, took Izzy on a walk, and came home and showered….then we got food out (veggie grinders and onion rings…SO good).  Then it was off to vote!  Hardly any line for us…we were in and out in about 10 minutes…by 5:40 we were on the road to Boston!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a live recording for one of our favorite new musicians.  If you haven’t checked out the music of Bryan McPherson, you are really missing out.  He’s incredibly talented on the guitar and harmonica, creative with lyrics, soulful in his sound, and amazingly passionate when he performs.  And he’s a super nice guy to boot!  We were treated to a first-rate concert.

SO glad we made the trip out.

On a side note…both Kimm and I said we KNOW we are getting old…our legs were killing us after standing for three hours!!  It felt SO good to sit on the ride home 🙂

After arriving home, we were just in time to hear Romney’s concession speech and Obama’s celebratory speech. I know this race had a lot of people up in arms due to all the political back stabbing, but I’m just glad we have another four years with Obama.  I just HOPE some good can be accomplished.



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