Hello November! (…plus a # Challenge Update)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

And another month is upon us!

October literally FLEW by!!

I’ve said it so many times now that I’m sure you get tired of hearing it, but I tell you…the older you get, the faster time goes by…

I love fall so much and I already feel like most of it is gone and we are just waiting now for winter…I really hope it holds off a bit longer.

It is my intention to truly enjoy each day of this month as I know it also will slip by before I know it.

I was up early today because Kimm had a real estate class at 9 am…7 am was our wake up call.  Coffee and breakfast and a brief blog time before Kimm left and then I got right at it…a morning filled with both work and play!

Work–made Tortellini Soup for dinner tonight, did all the dishes, cleaned the litter box, swept the floor, de-furred Izzy’s costume and stored it away, made hard-boiled eggs for Kimm’s lunches, balanced the checkbook and paid some bills.

Play–watched Survivor (the teams have merged!)

Still more to do today…lunch, a walk with Izzy, and catching up on writing blogs…and hopefully a small little nap before work 🙂

So…I am halfway through my 40 Day Numbers Challenge which will end November 21, the day before Thanksgiving…let’s take a look and see how I’m doing…

92/200 cups of water drunk…BEHIND (but I’m sure I can catch up…some nights when I’m at work I drink a cup of water an hour!!)

6/20 walks with Izzy…BEHIND (argh…I’m pretty sure I can catch up on this if I walk every day that I don’t work and some that I do–before going in to work)

0/300 minutes filing done…BEHIND (gulp!  I guess I really don’t like to file 🙂  …but I’m sure I can meet this goal as well…it will just entail larger chunks of filing time rather than lots of days of small chunks)

22/40 med cards done…AHEAD!!!!  (I know I will complete this for sure…I’ve been doing them at work on slow nights and at home on nights off)

1/4 date nights…BEHIND (believe me, the fun stuff will get done!  There is definitely a Barnes and Noble night in the future and we’ll have to be creative for the other two…)

84/100 fruits and veggies eaten…BEHIND (this one is making me VERY nervous…I never realized how few fruits and veggies I ate…and this is counting cups of apple juice and other juices as fruits!  I see a LOT of salads in my future)

3/10 days of “no added sugar”…BEHIND (this one is tough…sugar is in so many things!  I think I can mange this…as long as most of the remaining days are when I’m working overnight…)

2/4 projects done…ON MARK (only one full project done…the fall decorations…two other projects are half done…I rearranged stuff in the garage and the car WILL fit once all the leaves are done, which will be before the challenge ends and I’ve returned all the cans in the house but still have some stuff to return to Saver’s…still need to work on hanging the towel hooks!)

I have to say, even though I’m behind on many of my goals…I LIKE that this challenge is forcing me to think about things that I normally would not.

Sure, I WANT to walk Izzy…but without this challenge, I’m sure it would get put to the side again, especially with the colder weather approaching.  Sure, I WANT to eat more fruits and veggies, but I’m really not eating that many.  Sure I WANT to drink more water, to stay hydrated, but I’m not always one to just reach for a cup of water, but it’s easier knowing I can “check” it off.  Sure, I WANT to learn more about different meds, but I never did before this challenge.

So I’m working it…I’m really going to push myself these next 20 days and try my HARDEST to meet every goal I set!

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