Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh boy, I’m WAY behind on writing my blogs again.  Writing something each day doesn’t SEEM like a lot when you are just talking about it, but somehow, I always manage to fall behind and then I feel kind of like when I was in school and I missed a deadline.  I almost feel GUILTY about not writing a blog post.  As much as I love having my blog, I have to say, sometimes it gets in the way of simply LIVING life…BUT, on the other hand, I absolutely LOVE being able to look back and see what I did!  I guess I’m caught between a rock and a hard place…I just need to try to KEEP UP with writing 🙂

Anyways, here I go…I’m starting backwards, today first.

Kimm and I had to get up early today because she had a doctor’s appointment at 9 am.  We were up by 8 am, but we both slept rotten and still felt wicked tired.  Hate that feeling.

While Kimm was in her appointment I was able to do 2 and a 1/2 med cards…I’ve done almost 20 so far!!!

Right before Kimm came back to the car I started feeling very sniffly and stuffed up.  Of course I dismissed it as allergies.

After her appointment we were off in the opposite direction to the hospital as I had to get my flu shot…in and out!  Didn’t feel a thing.

On the way back home I remained sniffly and sneezy and just generally not feeling that great.  We stopped at DD to get a treat (yep we are those people who reward themselves for having to get up early and do adult things!)–another pumpkin muffin for me (with a maple frosted donut as well…super yumm!!!).

 The rest of the morning was very relaxing–watching DWTS and reading blogs and working on my Christmas list…but right now it is almost 4:30 pm and I FEEL MISERABLE.

Yep, it’s my first cold of the season.  Ugh.

I’m hoping with lots of rest today and tomorrow I’ll feel better to work this weekend (if I call out on my weekend I’ll have to make it up on the other weekend!)

Geesh…not exactly how I planned on spending my days off…blowing my nose and feeling exhausted!

And we had planned on going out to Barnes and Noble tonight 😦

Oh well…I’m going to rest up as best I can!

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  1. Oh no! Something similar ran through my house a couple of weeks ago. I went in for my flu shot today too. Oddly enough I also had plans to go hang out at B&N tonight to check out a few things. I’m rethinking that plan because my feet are absolutely freezing after standing outside at my son’s soccer practice. I hope you feel better Kaye. I still can’t get over that making up the weekend business.

    • So my flu shot didn’t hurt afterwards quite as much as last year…that is a good thing! I just hung out at home the rest of the night, letting my body rest…I’ll hit B and N next week don’t you worry! Oh..standing outside in the cold is horrible. Hope you can warm up! Thanks for the recovery wishes…hope you are doing okay with not running!

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