First night love–reiterated!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First night off again.

I am going to say AGAIN how much I LOVE my first night off…I sleep all day, get up and eat, and then just RELAX 🙂

It was especially nice tonight…the pumpkins were glowing on the porch, I was all snuggled up in a new pair of comfy lounge pants, I was able to watch the first half of Dancing with the Stars (LOVED the Call Me Maybe group dance!!), and ended the night with popcorn, Parenthood, and Chopped!


(Plus I did it all while finishing my first “no sugar added” day since I started my numbers challenge!  I have to say, “no added sugar” IS a challenge for me…kind of like low carb in a way, but with a few less restrictions…I started my “no sugar added” last night at midnight while at work…my snacks included celery/carrots/hummus/cheese slices/apple, for breakfast when I got home a spoonful of natural peanut butter and coffee with cream only (SO not a fan), slept during the day, for dinner tacos…no Ranch Dressing (!!)…instead I mixed up sour cream, lime juice and cumin to a dressing consistency…not too bad….lots of lettuce and tomato…for dessert an apple with peanut butter…REALLY was eyeing those peanut butter cups but I held strong…and as I said, popcorn for a snack!  I HOPE I can fit in nine more “no sugar added” days before Thanksgiving…I’m thinking it will be a stretch…but that is the reason this is a challenge!!)

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