Work and Fun

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I was finally able to mow the lawn today.  That has been on my list since my parents left over a week ago.  But it’s tough fitting it in with work and rain!

Three hours later…DONE.  Took a bit longer this time because I did have to rake up leaves at the front of the house because they were so thick and wet…made the lawn mower stall twice.  Filled 6 bags, but not completely full, as the leaves were so heavy.  And then in between the mowing I did stop and chat with two neighbors.  So I probably still only had about 2 hours of actual mowing.

It was QUITE the workout…my hamstrings were killing me at the end.

But the day itself was perfect for mowing…breezy, sunny, cool.

I didn’t mind mowing so much because I knew I had a fun treat to look forward to…we went to the movies!

We saw Taken 2.  LOVED the first movie, so had high hopes for this one.  It was good, but definitely not as good as the first.  Are sequels ever as good?

But I still had a very good time!  Enjoyed the popcorn and M&M’s and the theater experience.  And thankfully there were only two other people in the theater and they were not annoying at all!

Stopped at Target after to get some work sweaters for Kimm and then continued on the nice night by ordering out pizza…really didn’t feel like cooking!

SO GOOD!  So not the best day of eating, but it’s all about balance 🙂

Spent the remainder of the night catching up on reading blogs and watching Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars.  I’m loving the All-Star Season…I don’t want anyone to be voted off!

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