Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another exciting night at work (not!)  I was in the ER all night.  Only two patients in ICU and only one was an ICU patient.  So I haven’t worked in the ICU since I’ve been back from vacation.  Strange.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of floating.

Back home and was I glad.  I’m starting to get a cold 😦

When I went to work on Monday I must have ran into about half a dozen people who were sick…started with a sore throat and went into a head cold.  I TRIED my hardest to avoid being around said sick people, but it’s pretty much impossible.

Tuesday I had a sore throat!

But then when I woke up on Wednesday, I felt a tiny bit better.

Back at work and everyone was telling me, “oh yeah, there’s something going around…and you think you’re getting better and then WHAM…that’s when the head cold starts.”

Gee, thanks.

And sure enough, today I feel a little bit worse.  I took some Contac and I’m going to hope for the best.  I just hope I’m better by the time my parents come on Sunday!!

My plan:  REST and FLUIDS.



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