Making my money work for me

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So today I FINALLY got to see that using my American Express credit card for all purchases (and then paying it off at the end of every month) is making my money work for me.

Every time I spend a dollar with my Am Exp card, I earn one point.  I can then use those points to purchase gift cards on the Am Exp site (for example, for Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, etc.).

Unfortunately the points are one month behind on the statement.  So even though I’ve been using this card for close to two months, I hadn’t really seen much point increase (the first month I started using it towards the end of the month and therefore only about 50 points added).

Checking my points today, I see that I’ve earned 885!!!  Wow.  Most of the gift cards are 5,000 points (for a $50 GC).  So every 6 months or so, I’ll earn a gift card.  Not too bad.

I have to say, I shied away from using my credit card after paying them all off, but I LIKE that now I can earn something simply by using it.

So…I FINALLY vacuumed today.  I have to say I really dislike that task.

We also did a trip to Home Depot…during the rain/wind storm yesterday two parts of our fence fell down (it’s a REALLY old fence).  So we had to get some stakes to stabilize it as we can’t afford a new fence at this time.  And of course, while we were there we happened to pick up some other needed stuff.

I’m really hoping (fingers crossed) that this month we come out at least even with money.

May I also just mention…

…this vacation is going by WAY TOO FAST 🙂


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