Rainy Day…the perfect day to conquer a put-off task

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today was a VERY rainy day…rain and wind galore.

It was PERFECT for accomplishing a task I’ve been dreading…organizing my clothes (which also meant trying them all on to make sure they fit/looked good).

It was a day-long task…

I used THIS APP to take a pic of every piece of clothing I own…a bit tedious I admit, but I like the fact that now I KNOW everything that is in my wardrobe and can mix and match outfits, buy something new and KNOW if it GOES with what I have, and save pics of what I wore any day I want!!

So now everything is gone through and I weeded out about half a dozen items.

I really wish I had a better sense of fashion…I guess if I had to name my style it would be NEUTRAL BOY CASUAL (how’s that for a style name!!).   Most of my clothes are neutral colors (save for a few brightly colored t-shirts, everything is bought in the boy’s/men’s section…the fit is just so much better, and I NEED to feel comfy).

After going through all my clothes I realize that I  have a few clothing goals (when don’t I make a list!)…

My MAIN goal  is to keep clothing off my dresser!!!!  I do re-wear jeans and t-shirts and sweatshirts (hello, I don’t get that sweaty sitting around the house!) and I used to keep “used” clothing in my top dresser drawer…well I NEED that drawer to hold clothes…so now I have a bin in my closet to keep stuff in.  I’m usually pretty good about it, BUT when I’m working and I’m tired, usually the piles start.  And I CAN’T STAND clutter like that!!!!  But yet I still do it!!!

Another goal is to actually wear an outfit during the day while I am off of work…all too often I fall into the “sweats/t-shirt/sweatshirt” routine which only 1) encourages me to be lazy, 2) usually means no shower, 3) allows  me to ignore the fact that my jeans are getting tighter, and 4) just makes me feel “not my best.”

And lastly I REALLY want to try to add a bit to my wardrobe…pieces that I LOVE and that make me feel GOOD.  Trying on most of my clothes, I realized that I DON’T LIKE some of my clothing.  However, since I don’t have that much, I will do my best to create new outfits with what I have, look for new stuff that I love, and when I do find stuff that I love, I will slowly get rid of the stuff I don’t like so much.

Alright…I guess that’s enough about that.  I’m just glad that I’m finally done with that task.

On to reading and relaxing.

Can’t wait to watch Parenthood tonight!


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