The Big E: 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

So…lots of things to cover today…

First off though, I just have to say, I had THE WORST night of sleep in a long time.  We got new pillows at Target (Kimm needed one with more support because of her neck and I decided I should get one too) and the pillow I got is WAY too firm and kept me awake all night with nightmares…strange, huh!  And then during the middle of the night I couldn’t breathe because we didn’t have the AC on and only the fan with the window open and it made me SO STUFFED up.  I got so frustrated I finally got up around 4 am and went downstairs to sleep on the couch.  But not before using some nasal decongestant (the spray) which DID make me able to breath again, but ALSO left me sniffling and blowing my nose every minute for about the next hour!!!!  Seriously!!  So even though I could breath, I couldn’t sleep.  So I made myself a cup of coffee and proceeded to watch the remainder of Season One of Bunheads on OnDemand 🙂

Needless to say, when Kimm got up I was STILL tired.  But the day must go on!

Mostly lazed around, doing not much of anything until Izzy had her annual vet appointment at 2 pm.

I’m happy to say that she continued to lose weight over this past year…she is 64.2 pounds (last year at this time she weighed 69 pounds).  I’d say she’s pretty much at her ideal weight.   At least the doc didn’t say anything about having her lose any more.

Poor pooch, she really does not like the vet very much.  She LOVES the vet techs and is all “I’m wagging my tail, I’m super excited”, but as soon as she gets in the room with the vet, she puts her tail between her legs and is like, “why do you make me come to this scary place??”  Thankfully it was done and over with in less than 10 minutes.  And it only costs us close to $180 (visit, shots, meds, nail clipping)–actually I was pretty happy, I thought it was going to be more!

No nap for me…no time…we were heading to the Big E!

Our neighbor was nice enough to drive us to the Big E which 1) saved us time in having to walk from our parking spot, 2) saved us paying $5 in parking, and 3) was just SO MUCH easier.

We got in and got to eating!

First things first…apple cider and cider donuts!


As a side note…today is also Kimm’s “One Month Anniversary” from her operation!

Here’s a look at her scar…

Not too bad…faded quite a bit.

As far as symptom relief, still no major improvement…still experiencing numb fingers, difficulty walking and back/neck pain.

I REALLY hope things take a turn for the better this next month.

Back to the Big E…

I want to preface this by saying that *I think* this may be the last time I go to the Big E.  While I enjoy going to eat some of the foods I look forward to, it really is 1) WAY too crowded (especially with loud, rude people), 2) WAY too expensive, and 3) WAY too predictable.

We did make out in what we bought…a new collar and name tag for Izzy, catnip treats for the cats, and a beautiful piece of artwork…BUT, we really felt like most of the food was subpar…we got pizza (good but nothing to write home about), cheesy fries (definitely not as good as we had hoped), kettle corn and fudge to take home, cider and cider donuts (we DO love them), mini donuts (probably THE BEST thing we got while there).

We left the fair $65 poorer…I think I gulped a little just typing that.

So like I said, we may or may not go to The Big E next year…but we’re definitely not going for a second time this year.

I’ll leave you with some random pics from the night…

Old milk bottles…I LOVED these

Honeybees…so glad they were in a cage

Lighthouse poster…there’s something about this that I LOVE

Old-time stuff makes me smile

Kimm eating her pizza

Walking up to the midway

Beautiful horse

Little piggies

Chicks  being born

Christmas in September


Now I’m resting my “Big E” feet…bed is going to feel SO GOOD!

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