Isn’t that how it always is…(Saturday Savings #3)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

All these last three days off I kept saying to myself…”I only have to work ONE day and then another vacation!!  How bad can one day be?  Not bad, not bad at all!”

Famous last words…

Let’s just say, last night was HORRIBLE!!!!

Part of it was just the incredible busyness of it all.  Part of it was working with a co-worker who creates drama and is not much of a team player.  I’m sure part of it was feeling more and more anxious about finishing all my work on time.

It just plain sucked.

And the worst thing was, the whole time I drove into work I kept saying to myself, “Kaye, tonight, you will be calm.  You will take a few minutes to yourself every hour just to re-group and STAY calm.  You will have a good night.”

And then the EXACT OPPOSITE happened.   Isn’t that how it always is…

I had THREE CERT calls to do…the person I was working with is not allowed to do them yet.  I had two busy ICU patients. My partner had two IMC patients that got transferred out and received two ICU patients.


And now I’m on vacation 🙂

So no more talk of that.

Saturday savings this week…

…made THE BEST BANANA MUFFINS ever using three bananas that were about to be thrown out

…used up refried beans from the pantry

…using an old candle from last year to burn in the kitchen

…Kimm cleaned out her car and we FINALLY donated it ($300 in our pockets AND no more car insurance to pay out)

…kept the AC off several nights this week since it’s so much cooler at night

Savings Goals update:

So last week I wanted to…

1) use two items from the pantry (NOPE…only one, but still I’m slowly using stuff up)

2) find one frugal blog to follow (I found a couple…still determining if I LIKE them, but I’m reading them…

if you’re interested…

The Year of Less

Slow Your Home

The Prudent Homemaker

Becoming Minimalist

Cat’s Meow

Midway Simplicity

3) use the fresh produce (I think I’ve only had to toss a few cherry tomatoes so doing okay on this)

4) look into canning (didn’t do…I still want to do this)

5) figure out what to do with the water from the dehumidifier (FAIL AGAIN…however, we are emptying it less now that the cooler days are here)

So my goals this week:

(so similar to last week, but I like to make goals!)

1) use two pantry items in meals

2) keep the AC off most nights, ? even remove from window

3) use the fresh produce!!

How did you save money this week?

Here’s to a great vacation 🙂



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