Friday Favorites #17

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh goodness.  I am BEHIND in posting my blogs (I am actually writing this post almost one week later…I guess vacation will do that to a person!)

Yes, after working only ONE night tonight, I will be on my THIRD (yep…I’ve finally earned an extra week!!) vacation of the summer 🙂

I’m just a tad bit excited!!

Enjoy my favorites from around the web this week…


Favorite funny…SO TRUE

Favorite soup…subbing out the chicken broth for veggie broth, this Slow Cooker Beer and Cheese Potato Chowder looks like it could really warm me up on a cold fall night!

Favorite way to preserve your precious time offVACATION MEMORY JARS…so cute and way better than miscellaneous stuff from a vacation hiding out in a drawer!

Favorite “end of summer” dishCaprese Pasta Skillet…it incorporates all the best of summer…tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella cheese!!!

Favorite “green” cleanSoap Nuts!!  These dried shells from a shrub in the Lychee family contain saponins, a natural surfactant, and have been used for washing clothes for MANY years.  I looked them up on Amazon and was amazed to read all the positive feedback…AND they are cheaper than most laundry detergent.  I am very interested in someday trying these!

Favorite potato biteGarlic Oven Fries…sound so flavorful and perfect for the cooler weather!

Favorite quick sweet treat….Microwavable Nut Butter Cookie for One…only FIVE ingredients!!

Favorite inspirational article8 Ways You’re Wasting Your Life…#2, #5, #6, #7…keep reading this article Kaye…you are missing out…remember…CARPE DIEM!!!!

Favorite veggie dishVegetarian Lasagna…mmmm, looks like a PERFECT fall meal.

Favorite motivational thoughts

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!!!

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  1. I have the soap nuts and they are great. I still alternate between them and regular detergent because the soap nuts are not available in the store. Five year old boys and construction workers generate a lot of dirty, stinky, stained laundry so I find detergent works best for those loads. I will bring you some to try. I use a few drops of clean linen scented oil and my clothes smell fantastic.

    I absolutely love these posts Kaye. I must have a lot of the same tastes because I end up following many of the links and saving recipes to Endnote. That cookie looks delicious. Why oh why can’t nut butters be calorie free?!

    • Aimee… That’s cool about the soap nuts…I really would love to try them, but of course I was a little leery spending money on something I’m not sure about even with all the alcolodes (sp?) online. If you have some I could try that would be awesome. I really love doing the Friday posts even though I’m usually so busy that they never get posted on time! Still working on that 🙂 But I’m glad that you like them. I like looking back on them and just find them inspiring and interesting to see what peaked my interest at that time! I absolutely LOVE nut butters and I’m trying to not feel so guilty about eating them because they really ARE good fats. I was skim-reading a book at Barnes and Noble today (Why We Get Fat) and it was very interesting…another book talking about insulin and how it makes the body hold on to fat…promoting a low carb diet…which I HAVE always found to work for me when I lose weight. Anyways, thanks for the feedback. Hope work is treating you okay?

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