Another mowing…and Saturday Savings #2

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Can I just say how much I LOVE my days off 🙂

It was a good one…a healthy mix of getting stuff done and having fun!

My MAIN goal today was getting the lawn mowed…that grass grew fast!  We were expecting rain today so I knew I wanted to get it done early…which is always better anyways, done and out of the way.

I started after breakfast and I had a much better plan of attack with the lawn this time.  I shaved 40 minutes off my last mowing time!  Woo woo!!  It was quite the workout too.  I was dripping sweat.

The other main task for today was balancing the checkbook and paying bills.  Maybe I’m weird, but I like doing that.

Fun involved reading blogs, reading a book, making our meals (tons of fresh produce…cucumber and tomato salad for lunch, broccoli with dip on the side…baked potato, fresh corn, fresh green beans with garlic for dinner!), and tonight we are planning on having guacamole and ice cream while we watch a movie!

So, how did we save some money this week??

Continued to…

…shower with the lights off (still able to do this, not too dark yet!)

…packed my lunch for my two nights at work

…used produce from Kimm’s parent’s (and our) garden

…read free books from the library

…buy stuff with American Express card (that is paid off in full at the end of every month) in order to earn points for free gift cards


…shopped at two additional stores this week to get some deals–Big Y–got 99 cent deodorant, pasta for 73 cents/box; Geissler’s–got a bunch of bananas for 39 cents/lb to freeze for smoothies)

…bought a cheaper shampoo at the drugstore

…ate leftovers that Kimm’s parents gave us from our Labor Day picnic

…ate up the egg noodles from the pantry!

…still have not gone to Target

…skipped coffee several times this week, having a yogurt smoothie instead (made with a container of flavored yogurt mixed with some coconut milk…the yogurt is from Kimm’s parents, they were close to expiring)

As far as my goals from last week:

1) don’t let any fresh produce go to waste–I think I did pretty good…we are eating everything so far, only a few cherry/grape tomatoes had to be thrown because they went bad

2) eat from the pantry–did eat ONE thing up!

3) find a few frugal blogs to follow and get tips–FAIL…

4) turned on the AC in the bedroom at 9 pm or later–I believe this did happen most nights

5) find out a way to use the water that I empty from the dehumidifier–FAIL…

Savings goals for this week:

1) use two items from the pantry

2) find one frugal blog to follow

3) use the fresh produce

4) look into canning

5) figure out what to do with that water from the dehumidifier!!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!!

How did you save money this week?

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