Weekly Goals

Sunday, September 2, 2012

If it’s even possible, last night at work was EVEN busier.  Busy to the point I was near tears just trying to get everything done so I would not have to stay late.  HATE those kinds of nights.  But it’s done now.

I wanted to start blogging my weekly goals just to “get them out there.”

Every week I have SO MUCH I want to accomplish and then I rarely get most of it done.  This time I’m going to break it down into A–NEED TO GET DONE, B-WANT TO GET DONE, BUT OKAY IF GETS PUSHED TIL NEXT WEEK, and C–MAYBE TRY TO FIT IN (HOPEFULLY!) BUT PROBABLY WILL HAVE TO MOVE IT BACK

Here goes…


Weigh myself on Wednesday (I’ve been meaning to do this because Roni does the Wednesday weigh in and I’ve been avoiding the scale)

Mow the lawn on Saturday (we’re due to get a bunch of rain this week so it’ll be more than ready that day)

Read a book (I keep putting off reading and I need to stop doing that)

Get all the excess trash out of the garage on trash day (Wednesday this week)

Call American Express regarding the points I’m not accumulating on my credit card (I only started using the credit card to get the points and I haven’t been getting them…so I really need to figure this out)


Walk Izzy when not raining (REALLY need to get back into doing this)

Vacuum (ugh)

FILE (at least some!)

Study CCRN (at least a little!)

Use up two pantry items in meals this week

Go through my clothes/organize/donate (needs to be done)


Weed wack

Weed front walkway

Make a few more batches of pesto

Empty Kimm’s car

Trip to BJ’s

Trip to Target

Trip to Saver’s to drop off stuff from basement

Wash sheets

I think that’s about it…we’ll see how it goes…an update next week!

Now for bed and then three days off 🙂

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