A New First

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today I …


For the first time EVER 🙂

There’s not too many times that you can have a first at this point in your life!

You may remember that one of our neighbor’s kids mowed the lawn a bit ago when Kimm first had her surgery.  He did an okay job, but I KNEW that when it needed it again, I was going to attempt it.

Kimm came out and checked the oil/filled the oil, filled the gas, showed me how to start it/use it, and how to scrape excess grass off the bottom.

And then I WAS OFF!

Let me just say, mowing the lawn is QUITE the workout.  I was at it for almost 2 and 1/2 hours!!!  And my forearms and hands were burning at the end!

But it looked awesome (it’s the perfectionist in me!).  Nice straight lines 🙂

I can finally say that I know how to mow the lawn.

Our afternoon was filled with Kimm’s follow-up doctor’s appointment.  It was scheduled for 3 pm and we didn’t see the PA until almost 4 pm which is so not right.  Thankfully he was super nice and didn’t rush us at all.  We learned several things:

1) they consider Kimm’s surgery to be a success if in a years time she has no worsening of symptoms (read, they don’t even worry about improvement in symptoms!)

2) even though the spinal cord is no longer pinched, it will take a while for the nerves to have less pressure on them (he used a great analogy…when you move a couch that has been on carpet for a while, there is an indentation that stays for a while…that’s basically what happens with a pinched nerve…the doctor has released the pressure, but it’s still dented in for a while)

3) hopefully Kimm will see some relief in her symptoms over the next few months (both her hands and legs)

4) they try to avoid the steroids if at all possible, just because they can interfere with the body’s healing process

5) the pain in the back of Kimm’s neck is pretty common so he prescribed some muscle relaxants to help her sleep (hope it works!)

6) we have another follow-up appointment with the doctor in 6 weeks

I just keep hoping, hoping, hoping that Kimm will regain the sensation in her hands/legs…she has good motor function, but the sensory function is still not normal.   A year is a long time to wait to see what happens, but it will pass.  I still can’t believe it’s been over a week since the surgery…time goes by so fast.

After the appointment we stopped in at the tattoo place to get Kimm’s earrings put back in and the lady who does it talked up a storm and so we were there about 45 minutes.  At that point I decided we should get some food out because I was exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking.  So we dropped off the prescription, placed our order, got our order, picked up the prescription, came home, let the dog out, fed the animals, and then basically dropped on the couch, exhausted, and ate our meal!

I see a possible nap in my future tonight!


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