10 Years…and Friday Favorites #10

Friday, July 27, 2012

It’s hard to believe Kimm and I have been together for 10 years.

And today we just took time to celebrate and reminisce 🙂

Out to lunch at Uno’s–we decided to try somewhere different this year due to running into rude/inconsiderate people at Olive Garden every year–can you believe we got seated next to some doozies at this place too!  I think they are ATTRACTED to us!!  First there was a table of four imbibing women who were VERY loud…I guess getting drunk in the middle of the day makes you annoying like that….then we were seated with a crying baby behind us and the husband was on his cell phone, loudly, NON-STOP and even managed to lean in over OUR booth while talking on his cell phone to try to soothe his baby crying…really…I can’t make this stuff up people!

Well, we tried really hard to block all that out and enjoy our meal which I think we did a pretty good job.  But we did decide that next year, no Uno’s…maybe we’ll just order out somewhere 🙂

We took an unexpected trip to Target, to purchase an exercise ball because I was researching online and found out that by bouncing 5 minutes/day it can help circulation to bulging discs, speeding the healing process.  Well, we got the exercise ball and a whole bunch more!  I scored with a new pair of jeans ($10 on clearance!) and a new t-shirt ($5 on clearance!).

Dinner we ordered out…veggie grinder that we split since we were still so full from lunch!

It was a very relaxing day and one of the best parts is that I didn’t do dishes all day 🙂

Here’s to another 10 years!


Enjoy my finds from around the web this week…there were a BUNCH!!

One of my favorite blogsSweet Tooth, Sweet Life.  I love Courtney’s philosophy that in a life of healthy food, there is ALWAYS time for dessert…a girl after my own heart…I LOVE me some dessert 🙂

Favorite chocolate biteChocolate Cheesecake Mousse…smooth, creamy chocolate-y deliciousness!

Favorite inspire-me-to-be-healthy postI Like How It Feels.  Thanks Roni!

Favorite unique pizzaPotato Pesto Pizza…SO going to try this next month!

Favorite thinking-ahead postBuild Your 72 Hour Kit in 52 Weeks…you never know when you will truly NEED stuff in an emergency and I like the thought of slowly building up an emergency kit over the course of a year.

Favorite summer treatLemonade Brownies…these look tart and refreshing…the PERFECT summer dessert!

Favorite inspirational posts

12 Tough Truths That Help You Grow

11 Things You Should Leave in the Past

60 Empowering Quotes to Help You Get Things Done

Favorite Peanut Butter treat…who doesn’t love peanut butter?  And these Peanut Butter Crunch Eclair Bars look SO good!

Favorite RANT post…Cassie hits several nails on the head in the one where I rant about bacon, where she speaks to the double standard in blogs and society regarding thin vs. heavy people creating/eating indulgent foods…LOVE her Gilmore Girl references…I agree with her whole-heartedly…let’s just judge people less.

Favorite muffinGraham Cracker Chocolate Chip Muffins…mmm, mmm!

Favorite back-to-school-find…SO CUTE…Midori Flash Cards…LOVE the different shapes and bright colors…makes me WANT to learn 🙂

Favorite sandwich…this Veggie and Cheese Bagel looks so good I want to take a huge bite!

Favorite “I need to do that”…create a bucket list!  Things I want to do…needs to be written down and no time like the present!  Another thanks to Roni for the idea…

Favorite salad idea…this Barley Corn Salad looks so refreshing…as long as I leave off the grilled chicken on the top, it’s totally vegetarian friendly!

And on that note…my favorite article explaining WHY I am vegetarian

In the May+June 2012 issue of VegNews, law student Cody Carlson shared his experience working as an undercover investigator for Mercy For Animals. Readers were so moved by his first-hand account of the horrors of factory farming, and asked that we post the piece on VegNews.com so that Cody’s story can be told to even more people. The article is presented here in its entirety.

My Life as an Undercover Investigator

Favorite cheesy treat…how yummy do these Cheesy Garlic Sticks look??

Favorite “how-to-organize” post…use the acronym provided…CALMClear out, Assign a spot, Label, and Maintain

Favorite inspirational quotes

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!!

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