Porch visiting and drink sipping…a great start to the vacation!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

VACATION TIME!!!  Woo-woo 🙂

Of course it had to start with a little sleep…I DID work last night!

And let me say, I was SO tired when I got home…I could barely keep my eyes open.

But after waking up I felt much better.  Whipped up dinner and then I was going to skip doing the dishes (I SO did not want to do them), but then I thought to myself how much I would hate seeing them sitting in the sink when I got up the next morning, that I did them.  And I’m really glad I did them because the kitchen just looked so  much better once it was clean 🙂

I was just about to sit down and just relax when there was a knock on our front door…turned out our neighbor across the way wanted to know if we wanted to chat for a little bit on her front porch which she was working on.  We headed on over and it turned into a 6 hour gab fest 🙂  We caught up on all the gossip of the neighborhood while sipping on some fun drinks.

Of course leaving Izzy alone for such a long time meant we came home to another mess in the basement…ugh.  We are going to have to try to figure out what to do about that.

But all in all, it was a fun, unexpected, first night of vacation!

Need to rest for tomorrow…getting all the bulk stuff out to the curb for bulk pick up.  Not really looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to the pizza we are planning on afterwards.

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