BUSY start to the Vaca…

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

When I think vacation, I usually think…sleeping in…relaxing…doing whatever I want…

Well that day was SO not that (at least the beginning part!)

First of all, I had a hard time sleeping in since Izzy woke us up and was VERY persistent about needing to go outside.  She hardly ever does that…so I stumbled out of bed, took her outside and yep, sure enough, she took a poop IMMEDIATELY.  Of course she’s all happy, “let’s get this day started,” and I’m again stumbling back up to bed.  But of course, once I get up to bed, I can’t fall back to sleep!  I keep thinking about everything I want to get done today, being the first day of my vacation and that’s that.  But Kimm is still sleeping so I read a bit until she wakes up and we get up.  Breakfast and computer time 🙂

But not for too long…Kimm had her nerve test and we had to leave at 12:45 pm.  So I know I want to get a trip in to Saver’s to drop off some of our donations and run to Price Rite for some odds and ends.

But before going to Saver’s I have to dress, brush my teeth, get the stuff together in bags and transport it out to the car.  Did I mention that it’s over 90 degrees???  But I do it and I’m off to Saver’s by 11 am with the goal of returning to the house by 12 noon.

Which I do!  Three trips in to Saver’s, a quick look around with nothing to show for it, a few things at Price Rite and then home for a quick lunch (tomato, lettuce, American cheese on a bulkie roll) before heading out to the nerve test.

And of course, we run into traffic.  A big accident up by Exit 18 per the signs on the highway, but we are backed up by Exit 16.  No problem says I, we’ll just get off at the Holyoke exit and proceed.  Well, EVERYONE else has this idea as well and Holyoke Route 5 is SO SLOW.  Kimm actually calls her appointment to see if we should still go since we are moving as fast as a snail.  Oh yes, still come they say and so an hour and a half after starting the journey, we arrive.

Not a great start to an appointment that Kimm is already dreading.  But THANKFULLY the doctor who does the test is nice, jokes a bunch, puts Kimm at ease and the nerve test goes by well (slow, but well…we were there for over an hour!).  Turns out that he thinks there is a pinched nerve in Kimm’s neck and one in her back.  He recommends an MRI of her neck since she already had the one for her lower back.  Sounds easy right?  Nope!  Kimm really freaks out with those MRI machines…very claustrophobic, she feels like she is in a coffin.  And they can’t really give her anything to help her relax because those medications have the opposite effect with her…cause her to get jittery, with  high heart rate (like insanely high…160s!).  So at that point he said he says he will confer with another doctor and get back to us.

So finally the drive back home…thankfully goes by much quicker!

Ahh…now time to have fun…but it is already 4 pm.

I make dinner (homemade pizza) and we decide to head out to see the free music concert that Agawam presents during the summer (it’s their Summerfest series).  We’ve never gone to it, but tonight there is a band playing, Enter the Haggis, that Kimm has been wanting to hear for quite a while.  It was held at the high school instead of the town green because of thunderstorm warnings.

We get there and there’s QUITE a few people there…this band has been playing for ten years for this crowd!

They were very good…I guess I would describe them as an Irish band.  Several songs I liked a lot and will have to see about downloading from iTunes if I’m able.

We were home by 9:45 and finished the night off with a Restaurant Impossible!

Whew!  Even just recapping the day makes me feel tired.  I can completely understand how people who have lots of medical appointments can get overwhelmed…it’s exhausting.

My eyes are tired already so I’m ready for bed.  Hopefully Izzy won’t wake us up early tomorrow morning!


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