Unofficial start to my second vacation…

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Let me just say that last night at work started off HORRIBLY!  Ugh.  I got an admission right at change of shift..the doc wanted to do a bronchoscopy and I’ve only helped with one before and he is VERY particular and already not happy with how an earlier one went…let’s just say it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

But THANKFULLY I got through it.   But there was LOTS of complaining involved.

It took me until about 3 am to catch up with all my documenting.


So my second vacation of the summer officially starts this Saturday, July 21st.

BUT…the way my schedule worked out (by no manipulating on my part!) I have off today, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then have to work only Friday night before the vacation starts…so in my mind, since I only have to work ONE day…this is really the start of my vacation!

Which makes me very happy 🙂

I spent last night at work creating a list of things I want to get done on my vacation…fun things and need-to-get-done things.  Since I have 12 days off total, I put 12 fun things and 12 “to do” things on the list.  We’ll see how many of each I ACTUALLY get done.  If I can get six on each list done I’ll feel happy.  But I’m trying to aim high so I can hopefully accomplish a lot!

Here is what is on my TO-DO list…

1–Bring all the rest of the basement stuff to Saver’s

2–Bring the collected items to T.J. O’ Conner’s for the animals

3–Get everything out to the curb on the 24th for bulk pick up (which means getting the rug up from the basement…)

4–Watch all of my webinars that I never watched

5–Clean out my car

6–Clean out Kimm’s car

7–Wash the hardwood floors

8–Claim my $50 Gift Certificate from my American Express credit card and redeem my free money from my Citicards credit card

9–Call to order the new garage door

10–Finish tallying the July budget

11–Caulk the downstairs half bath

12–Paint the downstairs half bath

And then for the FUN stuff!!

1–Get gelato at the place in town

2–Enjoy our anniversary dinner

3–Get Chinese with Kimm’s mom (it was part of her Mother’s Day gift)

4–Game night with Kimm’s parents

5–Go to a movie

6–Go to the beach

7–Pictionary party July 28th with co-workers

8–Finally do some cross-stitch

9–Barnes and Noble for book looking and Frappacino sipping

10—Iced coffees!!

11–Watch some old Brady Bunch or Lost episodes

12–Take a ride in the car with Kimm and Izzy

That’s it.  Like I said, hopefully I can get at least half of them done on each list!  I know from experience that time goes by much faster than one anticipates.  Here’s to a great first night off!

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