Wow…where did all this energy come from??

Monday, July 9, 2012

I was a machine today.


I actually really love it when I feel this productive, and so whenever the mood strikes, I grab it, and go for a ride 🙂

So…what did I do today?

After getting up and having my breakfast and throwing in the sheets to be washed I decided to take Izzy for a walk.  She has not been on a walk in a very long time due to a combination of the hot, humid weather and my laziness.

So off we went…a new route for us…we were gone about a 1/2 hour.

Once I got back, I decided to weed my flowers by the mailbox…there was tons of weeds!  That took about 45 minutes and it was tough work…my hamstrings and hands were killing me.  Then a quick water for the flowers, the herbs, and the garden.

Then, since I still had a lot of energy, I attacked cleaning the bathrooms.  And then I dusted everything and swept all the floors.

Mixed in there was making lunch, doing the dishes, pulling up some of the basement carpet.

A quick shower in the afternoon and then we were off to Kimm’s doctor’s appointment (she fell a couple of weeks ago and has been having some numbness in her legs and now increased back pain).  She met with a nurse practitioner who I thought was very good–detailed history, appropriate exam, sensitive to our needs, answered all of our questions, offered not only medicinal therapy but also stretching options.  20 mins later we left with prescriptions for pain meds, muscle relaxants and a lumbar x-ray.

After riding home and filling the prescriptions, we were both starving and I was not at all in the mood to fix dinner…so we ordered pizza out!  It was SO GOOD.

Somehow I STILL had energy after eating and took Izzy for a SECOND walk!  She was so happy.

I returned home to find Kimm sleeping on the couch…I guess the muscle relaxants make her very sleepy 🙂  (we finally found SOMETHING that makes her sleepy!)

We’re about to watch a Gilmore Girls and then head to bed!

What a busy, but productive and awesome day!!!!


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