Escaping the heat…

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It’s been very hot this week.  We’ve had our lower level AC on all week.

However, I just got done with my 12 hour shift at work and have to say, there were a few points during the night where I was FREEZING cold!  I guess the AC works just fine in ICU 🙂

Walking outside in the morning, I can already feel the heat.

Thankfully I’m back in the AC while I sleep!

It was a long night at work…I had two very needy patients.  I know that two patients does not seem like a lot, but it is a lot when you are not only the nurse, but the aide as well.  Assisting people to the bathroom, changing people in and out of johnnies, wiping up spilled soda on the ground, calming people down when they are highly anxious…it’s very draining.

I was glad to be done.

There was also another code last night.  But of course I was not able to go.  It was a CERT call and one of the ICU nurses was already there.  BUT…when I heard the code called, I got the RSI (Rapid Sequence Intubation) kit from the Pyxis, and the intubation materials and had the unit secretary go upstairs quickly to drop them off.  Good thing too…the patient ended up being intubated and transferred to ICU.

Speaking of ICU patients…I don’t think I’ve had a true ICU patient for quite a while.  We’ve been filled up with a lot of IMC and med/surg.

Oh well, enough thinking about that…my eyes are burning and I’m heading to bed.  Only one more day of work and then two off.

At least when I go in tonight I’ll be getting paid time and a half from 11 p to 7a…it’s holiday time for Fourth of July!

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