Fresh Start!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ahh…a fresh month!  I LOVE a new start every month (ha!  I love a fresh start every week!)  But there is something really nice about a whole new month stretching out in front of me that makes me smile and think that ANYTHING is possible 🙂

I got a bit behind on my blogging on my days off (what else is new?!)  so I’m catching up now.

First up…GOOD news regarding our budgeting for June.  We were under budget in our food spending again…spent approx $184 the whole month, a bit more than last month, which was approx $162.  But still…SO GOOD!  We haven’t been able to keep to a food budget under $200 in quite a while.  If it weren’t for thinking about the budget so much, I know we wouldn’t do it.  It is worth a couple of cheaper meals in the month (hello pasta!) in order to meet our long-term goals.

This month though may be a bit different.  We’re still going to really try to keep within our $250 budget but we’re going to try to add in more of the healthy stuff as well.  More fruits and veggies…more smoothies and salads.  All of that means more money.  But we both feel like it is worth it!

So today I spent pretty much all day planning for grocery shopping and actually grocery shopping 🙂  Shopped for the next 10 days.  Spent so much more money than we normally do…my heart was dropping a little in my chest when I kept seeing the numbers go up!  A total of $126 so far this month.  BUT we have most of the big stuff bought (i.e., protein in the form of “chicken” patties and veggie burgers) so hopefully we’ll be supplementing with lots of fruits, veggies, cheeses.  I THINK I can make it work.  And I feel pretty optimistic considering it is the first of the month!

Anyways…I think I’m just happy too because we were able to save close to $500 this month!!!!!!   Combined with what we saved last month…about $200…I’d say we are doing pretty good!  Now we just have to keep it up.  It has helped SO MUCH making budget categories and really trying to stick to them.  At least for my anal retentive brain 🙂

After doing the grocery shopping and putting stuff away, I hurried up and got the house in order so I could relax…dishes done, clothes put away from Kimm doing laundry, litter box scooped, shower taken.

The rest of the night was fun!  Pizza at our favorite place and it was EXTRA good!  Gilmore Girls.  80s Scene It.  More Gilmore Girls with some popcorn and ice cream…a great way to send off the weekend.  Now tomorrow starts the week…back to work.

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