A Re-Do

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Remember this wedding from last year?  The one where the bride got snowed on…like REALLY snowed on…like one of the WORST NOR’EASTERS this state has seen?  The one where the power went out for the wedding, the reception was canceled, and then we pretty much had no power for a week?

Well, the bride FINALLY got her wedding re-do!

Her family was nice enough to sponsor a proper wedding reception and she has been looking forward to it this whole year!

I think the weather got the message as well as there was not a storm cloud in sight!  In fact it went the opposite direction…we were in a heat wave!

Thankfully the shin-dig was held in the evening or else everyone would have melted!

We drove to CT with a friend of ours to the place where it was held (the bride’s aunt’s house).  She had a beautiful location…private house and yard with a beautiful swimming pool.  There was a tent set up, seating, and tons of pictures from the big night last October.

Even though it was hot, we had a good time!  There was free food, free alcohol, and lots of people watching…what more could you ask for!

I’m just glad that the bride got a night to REALLY celebrate!  I don’t think I’ve seen someone smile that much 🙂

After a long drive back, we ate some cheesy pasta (I think that is due to the high amounts of alcohol we drank!) and went to bed.

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