Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another day off…always a good thing!

More errands done…easier to do since Kimm came with me.

We picked up Izzy’s med, dropped off some clothes in a donation bin (that pile of stuff in the basement is slowly diminishing), called about bulk pick up (next day is July 23rd so we have lots of time to get ready for that), and we stopped at the bank so I could ask about opening other savings accounts.

That turned into a 45 minute or so excursion!  Turns out you can open multiple savings accounts, but you have to do it with one of the bank representatives…so I opened four more savings accounts.  This will allow for me to have separate accounts for retirement, gifts, vacation, and one extra.  I’m excited to take advantage of this and hopefully it will help in our quest to save more money.

Starting this next month I’m going to try to PAY MYSELF FIRST.  Basically I’m going to take a certain percentage of the paycheck and stick it into savings right away so we don’t see the money.  I’ll start small since we’ve never done this, probably 1%.  I’m curious to know if we’ll be able to do this since we seem to live paycheck to paycheck most months.

Talked to my mom earlier today 🙂

My parents will be coming out for a visit in October so I’m looking forward to that…already thinking of some fun things to do.

Relaxed after dinner and another movie planned…a favorite comedy…Bridewars!

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