Unexpected (large) expense…

Monday, June 25, 2012

So this morning we had a person who deals with garages come to look at our garage.

Kimm had seen that a cord from our garage door was hanging down and that the garage door would not open so she called for an appointment.  Turns out that the cable had come off and one of the springs was broken.  Same thing that had happened a few years ago. Back then it was repaired for a little over $100, but the estimate we got was close to $300 today.  Ugh.  I think it was less all those years ago because our neighbor knew someone at the garage place so maybe he got a deal for us??  Anyways, we also got a quote for a new garage door as this guy who gave us the quote for the work (actually the owner of the company and quite nice) said that he wouldn’t put a ton more work into the garage door since it was so old and there was really no guarantee that the spring wouldn’t go again.  So a quote for a new door–around $1400 (for the door, windows on the door, taking down and disposing of the old door).  Double ugh.

So we didn’t decide anything today.

But I’m sure that we will probably go with a new door since it really is needed.

It just SUCKS because that will take up pretty much the rest of the tax money.  Money that was slated for…new bikes, new glasses, grill…

Oh well, I guess being a grown up isn’t fun all the time!

Anyways, nothing is set in stone yet.

The remainder of the day was spent just doing stuff.  It took a lot to get it done because I felt SO unmotivated.

But I …

…went grocery shopping for a few necessities (two stores)

…dropped a load of stuff off at Saver’s

…went to the library to return books and pick up some more (I see that the library is doing an adult summer reading program…for every book you read, your name will be entered into a raffle to win $25…I’m hoping to read 6 books in the one and 1/2 months it will be going on)

…made dinner

I guess that’s enough for me.

Relaxed after dinner and we’re doing another movie…Taken, one of our favorites!

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