Vacation #1 2012: Day One (plain ol’ relaxin’, nothing new!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today officially starts my first vacation of this year!!

Boy, do I feel like I need it.

Worked last night and it was fun because we had a “good luck going away” party for one of our co-workers–only MY VERY favorite respiratory therapist.  I’m going to be so sad not to see her face on the unit anymore 😦

We all brought in stuff to eat…I pretty much stuffed my face with Mexican dip, queso dip, mac and cheese, cake and cookies!  So yummy!  And a nice break up to the night to slip into the break room, grab a snack and then head back to work.

During the night we had a quick refresher on the Zoll machines (our portable cardiac monitors/defibrillators/pacers).  We are revising the code teams so that each nurse has a specific role and the role of the ICU nurse is to bring the RSI kit (rapid intubation kit–meds needed for intubation), the IO (intraosseus) gun for IV access if needed, and the capnography machine (which will be used to confirm proper tube placement in intubation)…then we will be responsible for placing the Zoll leads on the patient, placing the pads, reading the monitor and delivering ordered shocks.  Makes me feel excited but also nervous!  I guess we are going to be practicing some mock codes in the near future which I am looking forward to.  I hardly get a chance to review this stuff except during ACLS training which I’ve only had ONCE!

Another piece of good news…the intensivist that I feel I have the least positive interactions with was actually joking with me today in the morning…MIRACLE of all miracles!  Made for a nice end of my shift.

Home to my English muffin and coffee and then I was ready for bed.

Slept my usual and tonight we headed out to Home Depot to pick up the lights we needed for the basement and I also got a plastic watering can.

On the way home…we ordered grinders!

After a very satisfying meal, I was quite sleepy and managed to slumber a bit…until our neighbor’s daughter and her husband pulled up with a 36 foot camper!!!  Turns out our neighbor bought it (for a steal I guess!) so all of them could go on camping trips together…had a peek inside and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I would be way too scared to drive anything that big though!

Back to our place and a relaxing evening on the porch 🙂

A little ice cream will finish off the night.

Not too bad for the first day of my vacation…I’m psyched to see how much we can get done…we have quite a few goals…I’ll map them out tomorrow.  It’s definitely a WORKING vacation 🙂

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  1. Have a great vacation Kaye! The weather looks gorgeous for the next few days. I will miss that respiratory therapist too and I rarely see respiratory these days. They have lost just about everyone on nights. I wonder when someone is going to ask why people are leaving like that.

    I marvel at people who drive those big campers. I can barely drive my husband’s little pick up truck.

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