Frozen Bailey’s

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today was just about getting stuff done.

–went grocery shopping (two stops, only a bit more than $40!)

–balanced checkbook and paid bills

–called my mom and dad (and got COMPLETELY motivated to get the garden in and SOON!)

–had my first Webinar conference (review for the CCRN exam–Critical Care nursing–talk about LONG…2 and 1/2 hours of listening to someone talk about neuro…it was rough!)

Thankfully after dinner was all about relaxing.  Normally I have an adult drink…but since we are trying to use stuff up in the fridge due to our upcoming fridge delivery…I was out!

So I made up a new drink…from stuff I had at home…and it turned out VERY tasty…

Frozen Bailey’s

…4 tbsps Bailey’s

…2 tbsps Coconut creamer

…1/2 cup milk

…2 tbsps sugar

…4 tbsps water heated for 30 sec in microwave, mixed with 1 heaping tsp instant coffee

…8 ice cubes

All blended in Vitamix until smooth.

Delish!  Enjoyed while catching up reading all my blogs 🙂


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