Stupid Doctor!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Argh!  Done with my first night on.

SO frustrated with the intensivist last night.

Scenario: pt comes in with pulmonary edema (can cause difficulty breathing), complicated with high blood pressure.  As I’m looking up the blood pressure meds he is going to get at night, I notice that both of them can cause pulmonary edema!  Great catch by  me 🙂  So I call the doc, let him know the blood pressure is still high, but that the BP meds prescribed for that evening can cause pulmonary edema.  So the meds are held.  So I ask what he wants for the continued high BP for overnight…”oh give him….XXX med…for BP greater than 160/90″  The order is written, the med is given.  I check the blood pressure in a bit…still over the parameter.  So I give the doc a call back.  And I get spoken to very unprofessionally…”why are you so concerned about the blood pressure…is he symptomatic?  if not then I don’t know why you are so concerned about the blood pressure…”  Picture this in a very arrogant, you-are-bothering-me kind of tone.  Well I responds, “BECAUSE you gave a parameter, stupid doctor!!!!”  If you had given a higher parameter, or NO parameter at all, then I would CERTAINLY not be calling you!!!!!!”  Like I WANT to call you and get spoken to like I’m a dufus!


I think I stewed about this all night.

I probably should have just let it go, but I just get SO annoyed by stuff like this.

Anyways, first night is done thank goodness and I’m off to bed to sleep until I’m back in tonight.

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