Saving a Life…

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A good night at work last night.

Mostly because I (and two other nurses, and the respiratory therapists) assisted the intensivist in intubating a patient with respiratory distress.  This doesn’t really happen too often at night…in fact I can’t think of one other time that I helped with this.  It all happened so fast…a patient was transferred down from IMC, the doctor was at the bedside evaluating, and the oxygen saturation level was low so he said, “let’s intubate.”

I got and administered the meds (sedative and paralytic).  And before I knew it, it was done…It was so crazy, watching the doctor intubate.  It’s kind of nerve-wracking, because all I kept thinking is, “he’s in the middle of saving a life.”

Even though it was an exciting night, I much prefer when things are a little less stressful.  I was so happy when he was intubated and more stable.

Another good first for me…I inserted an NGT!  This is a major accomplishment for me because I usually have so much difficulty with it.  I’ve tried many times, and most times it never ends up in the stomach, or the patient is much traumatized (though geez I don’t know why people wouldn’t like a plastic tube up their nose!).  But another nurse had tried and was unsuccessful and he needed one (had vomited over 1 liter in less than half hour).  So I remembered everything my co-worker told me, “go slow”, “twist the tubing when you feel resistance”, “push when the person is swallowing.”

And it was in!  With good placement!  What a high.

Then home to sleep…well deserved as I was at work an extra hour…but at least this time I got paid.

It was a good night too.

We headed back up to Sears.  Turns out that when I was looking at the receipt for the appliances, we got charged for the more expensive dishwasher that we did not want ($80 more).  So we had to go get that straightened out.  Thankfully they were okay with it and didn’t give us any grief.  Of course that model is not available for delivery until later in the month, so we rescheduled everything for June 11th.  Whew…so glad to get that done.

And then it was off to Barnes and Noble!  Lots of book looking (and taking pics of books I want to check out at the library) and delicious Coconut Mocha frappacino drinking 🙂

Home to watch Restaurant Impossible…another good one!

And then bed.

Not too bad for my one night off!

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  1. Congratulations on the NGT Kaye! I agree with you they are difficult and uncomfortable to insert. I think I only managed one.

    I’m so in awe of critical care nurses. I think what you do is truly incredible. I hope you have a great weekend.

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