Heat Relief

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh, it was a hot one today…close to 90 degrees.

And in the midst of it, Kimm’s parent’s came over and dug up the hosta plants that they have been meaning to come and get for quite a while.  Crazy!  It actually went much quicker than I thought it would…probably took about an hour total, but in the blazing sun!

While they were doing that…Kimm and I were putting in our downstairs AC.


I forgot to mention that when we went to Sears, we stopped at the AC section to look at the prices for a larger AC for the downstairs.  Every year when it gets hot and muggy our house can get up to 85 degrees or warmer, like walking in a sauna.  We both agreed, “NO MORE.”

The AC unit we got was the same brand as the one in our bedroom, Kenmore, 12,000 BTUs, enough to cool a 600 square foot multi-room.  Since the square footage of our house is around 1100, this seemed like the best model.  And on sale for $350…much better than paying close to $5000 for central air at this time.

The only downside…that thing is HEAVY!

We did manage to get it out of the box and into the window though, with only one minor scrape…somehow when I was lifting it, my fingers were on the back of the unit where it is very sharp and basically gave myself about 10 little paper cuts on two of my fingers…oh that burned like crazy!

Once the unit was in, we turned it on and let the cool air blow out!

Once the cats figured out that there was cool air in the dining room, their favorite place to lie became the dining room table!

We ran the unit all day and I feel like it worked wonders…the humidity was gone…the temp went from 81 to 76.  With the overhead fans going, it felt extremely comfortable.

I think we are going to have a MUCH better summer this year.

Now we just have to see how much this will increase the electric bill.  I’m crossing my fingers that since we are planning on using the AC only when absolutely needed that it won’t be TOO much of a “yikes” when the next bill comes.  Only time will tell.

Even if it does go up though, I’m still leaning towards thinking it will be totally worth it not to feel like warm death during the summertime 🙂



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