AC is in again!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well, we finally broke down and put the AC in the bedroom.  Enough of all these humid nights.  It’s just too hard to sleep when it is close to 80 degrees in the bedroom.  So we have the AC going currently and two degrees cooler than last year (at 64) and we’ll see if we can even bring it down and still feel comfortable.  I’m all about saving money, but not at the expense of being hot!

I just have to say it was really nice having the full day off today.  I guess there are advantages to coming home from work and going to bed 🙂

I spent my day doing three major things:

1) watching last weeks Dancing with the Stars–I knew that Donald Driver made it into the finals but I didn’t know who got cut.  I was VERY surprised and sad to see Maria Menuenos go.  She really was a TREMENDOUSLY talented dancer…such a fun person to watch dance.  But it was so close…the end dancers this time are all so comparable.  It will be very interesting to see who wins!

2) grocery shopping–I spent a total of close to $75 this week at both Price Rite and Stop and Shop.  I was hoping to spend less, but by spending so little the first two times shopping this month, I  knew I would have to replenish some of our staples and that cost a little bit more.  But even so, we are only at a little over $170 this month which is a HUGE improvement for us.

3) making dinner–burritos–and they were very tasty.  Roasted potatoes with olive oil and 1/2 a package taco seasoning, black beans mixed with lime juice and salt, sauteed onions and green pepper, a sprinkle of Mexican cheese, in the oven for 5 minutes…topped with sour cream and salsa…SO GOOD!  And homemade Rice Crispie treat for dessert…a throw back easy yummy dessert to use up some marshmallows we had here.

I finished another good book yesterday, The Blue Bistro, a light beach read but still had quite a twist at the end.  I especially loved reading the restaurant meal descriptions–made me want to go out to eat!

Tonight we’re having popcorn and starting Season Three of Weeds.

Love these days off!

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