Unexpected Visit

Friday, May 18, 2012

So we were supposed to go to an 80s-themed grad party and then bailed at the last minute.  Felt SORT-OF guilty, but then later, after viewing pics on Facebook, was SO glad we did not go.

It wasn’t that we didn’t like the people who invited us…it was just that we would NOT have fit in at all.

First of all, it looked like everyone was about 10 years our junior…no lie.

And everyone was wearing flourescent and tie-dyed…totally not the 80s look we were going to sport…since we were trying to save money, we were going to utilize things we had at home.  I was going to go for the “preppy” look–khaki shorts with a pink polo, an argyle sweater tied around the shoulders…Kimm was going to go for the “punk” look–rock t-shirt, spiked collar and studded bracelet.  I thought we were being fairly original since the 80s encompassed a ton of looks…but like I said, the pics at this party showed otherwise.

So instead of going, we enjoyed a nice night in…pizza and Weeds.

As soon as we finished eating, we hear a knock on the side door….turns out Kimm’s cousin and his wife were in the neighborhood after eating dinner out at Uno’s and stopped in to say “hi.”  Well, that turned into a 2 hour visit 🙂

It was unexpected, but nice.  We had just been talking about getting together with them…but in a neutral setting (i.e., NOT their house since they ALWAYS have the TV on…SO annoying).  So since it was here, it was just talking and no distraction from the TV.

The windows were open wide and the breeze was blowing…I love now that we can keep the windows open at night!  So peaceful.

Tomorrow is cleaning and coffee…actually looking forward to it!

BTW…we are planning on getting together with the grad in a more intimate setting and I’m sure it will be much less awkward on our end!

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