Productive Friday and New Cleaning Plan!

Friday, April 27, 2012

It does feel nice when you can feel like you are accomplished on a half day!

Marked off on the “to do” list…

Balanced checkbook and paid bills

Paid initial deposit on new car insurance

Picked up Izzy’s med at the vet

Picked up more drinks at the packie!

Cleaned both bathrooms

Did the dishes

Brushed Izzy and swept/swiffered the floors and dusted afterwards

Filled the car with gas

Now on to the fun stuff…

Will finish this blog and then read and watch this week’s episode of Survivor

Maybe a little nap before work (if I’m lucky!)

Kimm and I were talking today and think we are going to try a new way of tackling the “bigger” cleaning projects (for example, vacuuming all the carpet, doing the bed sheets, cleaning the bathrooms, etc) and we’re going to try for an every other Saturday (the ones I have off) cleaning for two hours and then rewarding ourselves with an iced coffee from McDonald’s.  Sounds like it might work.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed as this will help a lot with keeping up with the housework and some of those chores that we keep putting off!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It’s windy out there!  But also sunny, which is great.

I’m on for two nights and then off for three and can’t wait!!

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  1. Now that is definitely a productive day! My big cleaning projects, bathroom/bed linens/kitchen and wood floors, coincide with the start of my weekend off so I can then enjoy the results for the entire 3 nights off. In between I spot clean and keep everything tidy. I actually like to clean. At work I have my cleaning routine too! In the beginning I could feel the eyes rolling behind my back, but I’ve explained that I do it because I like to and they don’t have to do the same. I think they secretly like that I clean up the break room and nurse’s station!

    Hope you have a great weekend and even better days off!!

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