New Sneakers…finally.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

After shopping today I came home with not one, not two, but THREE new pairs of sneakers.

We headed up to Target for our monthly trip and stopped at Famous Footwear first…I needed to return a pair of sneakers I had bought before.  After I got them home I realized they were a little tight.  I think I was  just really wanting a new pair of shoes and when you want something really bad and there are not a lot of options, well you tell yourself that things feel better than they actually do!

So back they went and I looked again.  I happened to find two pair I liked at Famous Footwear so that was a pleasant surprise.  Kimm was looking too and didn’t find anything.

Then we hopped on over to Kohl’s to check them out too…I just so happened to find another pair!  Really surprised with that find!  Unfortunately, none for Kimm.

I’m going to try rotating the shoes at work to see if I can make them last longer.  However, the older I get, the more I’m less willing to skimp on good shoes.  Ahh, don’t I sound wise?  🙂  Don’t let me fool you… I just have sore feet!

I tried a no-rise pizza dough recipe for dinner tonight…with high hopes…MAJOR FAIL.  I didn’t like it at all.  The dough was way too dense and doughy.  Just tasted bland and flour-like.  We ate it, but I didn’t enjoy it.  I’ll have to keep searching for a good, easy recipe.

On the agenda is a movie…just not sure what one yet!

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