Back on my game

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I wish I knew why I had these horrible mood swings!

I can only guess…hormonal?

Anyways, I woke up today, refreshed.

I think one thing that made me feel a lot better was just letting my body rest.

I did not get up until 10:20 am and that felt right.  I didn’t just get up because Kimm was getting up or because I felt like I didn’t want to waste my day.  I just got up when it felt like it was time to get up and I felt rested.

So even though it was a lot later than I normally sleep, I’m glad I listened to my body.

I’m beginning to think that is part of my “being happy” solution.

A quick breakfast of coffee with banana bread spread with peanut butter and then I decided to watch a “Little House” episode while organizing my bag for work.   I really don’t know how that gets so disorganized!  But I feel lots better knowing only what I need is in there.  And I think I needed to watch that “Little House” episode…it sure had a message for me this morning…it was the one where Laura had a crush on Johnny and she kept trying to think of things to do to make him like her.  Well, of course that didn’t work and Ma had the sage advice…we all are our own true selves and when we try to change to make others like us then it is kind of like a little lie…we should just be the best person, our own true self, and people will like us for that…or they may not…but at least we will still like ourselves.

Oh “Little House” wisdom…I wonder what other lessons I will learn from Season One 🙂

Can you tell I’m in a better mood?

Lunch was leftovers…homemade mac and cheese with apple crisp for dessert.  While watching a Gossip Girl…no “Little House” but definitely some entertainment.

Now I’m going to read, then shower for work and then prepare dinner…tonight on the menu is Mushroom Veggie burgers topped with American cheese and grilled mushrooms and onions…on the side a baked potato and mixed veggies.  Sounds good!

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to the weekend.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you are feeling a little better Kaye. I have read the previous posts as well. It is horrible when my mood shifts for no apparent reason and then everything seems to affect me negatively. The thoughts in my head go from good to bad in a split second. Hormones definitely have that affect on me. I’ve never been good at masking how I’m feeling so my mood usually shows through.

    I always loved Little House. I wanted to live in that time period. Ma did have a knack for imparting important life lessons on the children.

    Um the work bag is ridiculous. I feel like I clean mine out weekly yet it seems to accumulate crap at warp speed.

    Your dinner does sound delicious. I have been on a serious mushroom kick lately. Enjoy!

    • I’m glad to hear that someone can empathize! Thank you for your thoughts…I’m so glad I’m feeling better too. I tend to be a bit passive aggressive, thinking that others should understand instinctively how I’m feeling and then get even more mad when they don’t! So I guess my mood shows through too.

      I got canceled for four hours so far tonight. So who knows, maybe I’ll be canceled the entire night. I’m not counting on it though. But it would be a pleasant surprise.

      The meal was delicious!

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