Bathroom Blues

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So as we are brushing our teeth last night, I was running the water in the sink and I hear this “glug, glug, glug” sound like water going rapidly down a drain, except there is hardly any water going down the sink.

I think nothing of it.

Except about 2 minutes later I smell this RANK odor.  I said to Kimm, “Do you smell that?” and of course she did.

We couldn’t figure out what it was.

We looked in the sink…nothing.

We looked in the toilet…nothing.

So finally we pull back the shower curtain because it’s the only thing left to look at and…a bunch of NASTY gray gunk sitting in about 1 inch of water!


I put my nose near it and YUP…sticks like sewer.

I was NOT happy at this point.

So I decide to go downstairs and get the plunger to see if I can get this mess to go down the drain.

I take down our barricade for the cats, and get the plunger and get back upstairs.  I attempt to plunge and instead of stuff going down, more stuff (SMELLY stuff!) comes up.


Seeing as the plunger is getting me nowhere, I try to run hot water down the tub to see if it will drain…NOPE!

So it seems like we will have to wait until the morning to get this dilemma fixed.

So we finish with our nightly routine and as I’m running the sink water again I hear a noise…turns out that when the sink water is running, it is filling up the tub with water.


Anyways, to bed we go.

Not a very restful sleep as we are both worried about the drain and how much it might cost and if it will be able to be fixed right away since I have to work the next day.

We get up and call the plumber right away at 8 am.

Thankfully we get a call back by 9 am and are given a time between 10 am and noon.

The guy gets here at 11:30 am and is able to get the drain unclogged.


Price = $139 (supposedly we were given a $60 discount…maybe for referring Kimm’s parents?)

Anyways, I was just happy to get it unclogged for less than $200.

Still, this made me SO mad…we JUST got this bathroom done in November.  I know that not all of the pipes were new because that was not able to be done since to do so would have meant taking down part of the ceiling…and I know this is an old house with old plumbing…but STILL!!

Sometimes it just seems like the worlds is against you.

I am trying to look on the bright side and just be happy that I could take a nice warm shower before work!

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