Do over?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This day completely was horrible.

Do you ever just have a day where one thing goes kind of bad and that affects everything else?

Well, today was that day.

I think what set it all off was the fact that I needed to call for a new auto insurance quote since my policy was going to expire and I wanted to see if I could get a lower rate from the insurance company that my homeowner’s insurance is through.

So when getting the quote, I thought I might get rid of my collision since my car is almost ten years old.  And hopefully get a low mileage discount.

Well, after discussing it with Kimm, I decided to keep the collision because my car, although quite old, is not nearly as old as hers and if she would need to get a new car, and something happened to mine, it would be cheaper to repair with the insurance money rather than getting a new car.  So I kept the collision (even though it was the most expensive, optional part of the coverage).  Then I found out that I did not qualify for the low mileage discount (needed to be under 7,000 miles and I had 9,000 miles in the last year…ugh).  Then since Kimm and I are not  married, we don’t qualify for the multiple car household discount (even though we do have two cars in the same household).  SO frustrating!!!!

So after spending about an hour on the phone getting all this done I find out that I’m only going to save about $60.  It is a savings, but not as much as I was hoping.

And then of course that made me think of how much we are living paycheck to paycheck which is always depressing.

And then the day just derailed….somehow I didn’t feel like doing anything, Kimm and I kind of nit-picked at each other and had some small fights, and it was just BLAH!

Thankfully some pizza, ice cream and Gossip Girl helped the night end on a better note.  But I’m so glad that tomorrow is a fresh new day.  Some days you are just glad to have over…it’s too hard to stay positive all the time.

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