Critical Care Nursing Conference: Day Three

Friday, April 6, 2012

I have to say, three days straight of listening to someone lecture is a bit much…I’m not used to it anymore.

BUT…the good thing is that I still feel very motivated.  I have many ideas that I hope to put into practice when I get back to work.

Today I attended classes on Neuro (excellent presentation!), Endocrine and Gastrointestinal.  SO much information to know.

I also took a practice CCRN test during lunch.  Of the questions I answered, I had a 67%.  I think in order to pass a 70% is needed.  So this makes me feel hopeful that with a couple months of studying I should pass.  My goal is to pass before the end of the year.  So this next week I will develop a study plan.

The last session of the day was well-planned…it was on humor 🙂  It felt good to laugh at the end and I really have to remember to not take things SO seriously at work.  No wonder I feel stressed out all the time.  Sometimes its best to keep the mood light and laugh out loud.

After the conference I came home and quickly got ready to go over to Kimm’s parents house–we were celebrating her mom’s and brother’s birthday.  We picked up pizza on the way…a great treat for the end of the week.

After gifts was cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting) while watching Good Will Hunting…a classic!

I had such a stomach-ache!!!  I don’t think I’m used to so much sugar!

Saturday is going to be all about resting up for work again.  I can’t wait to sleep in 🙂

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