Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where is the time going??!!

I feel so rushed and I’m trying not to feel that way.

I guess, as usual, I’m nervous about this conference tomorrow.

Several reasons why…

1) It’s in Springfield and I don’t drive in Springfield very often so I don’t know the area very well and I’m worried about finding the place and the parking and then knowing where to go once I get in the place.

2) Not really knowing anyone at the conference (even though I do know I think at least two other nurses from my department that are attending–it’s just that I’m not going WITH them so I feel kind of on my own).

3) Hoping that it will be worth the money that I put out for it (even though the hospital SHOULD reimburse me but I’ve never done that before and hope it works out).

4) I have to get up so early and I’m SO not an early morning person.

5) My stomach usually feels very nervous before things like this, it’s just my nature!

6) It’s going to be a LOT of learning in one day…for three long days.   I  hope I have the endurance in me.

7) There are going to be SO many people there that I don’t know.  I’m not that good with interacting with new people.

8) Deciding what to wear…enough said!

9) Worrying about finding good food for lunch that is vegetarian…yes I worry about this.

10) I can’t seem to NOT worry!

So I guess I’m just going to try to remind myself that I am there for ME to learn some new knowledge that will hopefully make me a better nurse.

Crossing my fingers that all goes well.  For now I’m going to watch a Grey’s Anatomy before bed and have a little ice cream (a treat!)

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