Long day…

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh, what a long day…started yesterday at 8 am when I got up and is just now ending at 9 am as I head to bed…

That’s over 24 hours up…ugh.

Stayed later at work because I attended one of the intensivist meetings which was pretty good.  The information was okay, but I was more there just to see the interaction with the intensivist with the other staff members.  And I think I learned a little about his style of communicating which is really what I was there for.  And then I spoke with my supervisor regarding an email I got about the vacations this summer.  I thought she was going to say there was an issue with one of the weeks but it turns out she just wanted to tell me I had about 6 hours left to use up by September.  Whew!  I was glad there was no problem with the vacations!

And then the drive home and a quick breakfast before bed.

I’ll be up in about 6 hours to repeat another busy night at work I’m guessing.

I hate that I’m missing such a beautiful day outside!

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