WIAW: The Brief Edition

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I just got home from work and my usual 15 min commute took 30 min due to some kind of traffic jam from who knows what and on top of that I was already out late from work after an incredibly busy night so I’m exhausted and need to get to bed to rest up to return tonight.

So what I ate yesterday, the brief edition…


Same old…I’m sure you can recite it now with me…Light Multi-grain English Muffin with Country Crock, Peanut Butter and Polaner Jam (cherry this time!), with a cup of coffee with 3 tbsp creamer


Higher calories than normal since it was leftovers from date night dinner last night…Five Cheese Ziti (550 cal!!!) and one breadstick (150 cal)…and can you believe that even though it was wicked good, it didn’t hold me over for nothing.


Tried to make it lighter due to the heavier cal lunch and it was good but I was still hungry afterwards…Mushroom veggie burger with 1 slice American cheese melted on top, covered with sauteed onions/mushrooms, mashed potatoes on the side (made with butter and sour cream)–1 potato worth, and then a large orange for dessert.


At work tonight…1:30 am, 1 slice string cheese and 28 almonds.  That’s it.  No time to eat anything else.  I was literally on the go from the moment I got there (new MI with 3 other IMC patients) and then I gave up 3 of those patients at 11 pm and then I got an ICU admission at 3 am. Didn’t leave until 8 am.

Totals for the day…

Calories = 1940 (goal range up to 1730…DRATS!)

Carbs = 223 grams

Fat = 88 grams

Protein = 70 grams (woo woo…goal greater than 60)

Fiber = 32 (another woo woo for me!!)

I’m doing low carb starting with tonight’s meal and then tomorrow all day and then I’ll weigh in on Saturday.  We’ll see what happens.

Hope everyone has a great day…it’s so beautiful out!!

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