Hello March!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And a snowy, wet March it is!

Last night before bed I shoveled about two inches of wet, heavy snow from our walkway.  Woke up this morning to more wet slush.  Today I just let it sit there!

I can’t believe this day is over.  It just FLEW by.  And yet somehow I don’t feel like I accomplished everything I wish I could have.  But then again, I think most of my days are like that.

I passed on grocery shopping when it was so yucky and instead did three loads of laundry, filing/organizing, studying nursing stuff, calling my mom, making lunch and dinner, dishes and some planning stuff with Kimm.  And that takes me to now.

Time for a snack and TV.  I’ve got to head to bed early tonight because I’m due at the hospital bright and early for a meeting at 8:15 am. Now I’m not so excited about volunteering to be on the Stroke Committee!

I’m trying to psych myself up to do some more shoveling tonight before bed.  I was spoiled by all this nice weather this winter!!

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